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At this point, there aren’t many people in the country (if any) who haven’t at least heard about the Trayvon Martin tragedy so I won’t lead with an introduction to the case. {If you need background, click here.}

Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey, decided to forego convening the Grand Jury and made the decision herself to charge George Zimmerman, the admitted shooter of the 17 year old African American high school athlete on that fateful night in February, with 2nd degree murder. Despite Corey insisting that their office does not operate with any consideration of public opinion, media coverage, protest, or petition, the decision ironically came only after 45 days of marches, protests, and pressure on authorities from the public and the media. {To view the capias information filed, click here.}

Both of George Zimmerman’s attorneys have reportedly stepped down as his representation and another attorney was hired to handle his defense the day he was taken into custody. MSNBC correspondent, Brian Williams, had the opportunity to discuss certain facets of the current status of the case with the Martin family as well as Zimmerman’s new counsel, Mark O’Mara:

Zimmerman’s attorney says the accused will enter a plea of not guilty and is unsure of whether or not the case will go to trial. Prosecutors believe Zimmerman profiled Martin and evinced “a depraved mind regardless of human life” when he killed Trayvon. Zimmerman’s defense is going to rely heavily on the Stand Your Ground legislation which gives Florida residents the right to use lethal force if they feel reasonably threatened to the degree that they are fearful for their own life. We will continue to keep you informed as details are released.


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